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Welcome to Episode #7 of our Spanish Stories for Beginners


You will learn Spanish with this video!

If you have watched the previous episodes of our Spanish Stories, you will be familiar with Nicolas and Emily. Now you will get to know their dad, Julio. In this episode you will hear the spelling of his name, his age and the specific day of the week he goes to the supermarket.
With this simple but vocabulary rich short story you will be exposed to a casual interaction at home between family members in Spanish: children asking dad whether he bought something in the supermarket, and their reaction after dad’s responses.

Do you know how to say ‘Did you buy…’ in Spanish?

Key Spanish vocabulary included in this story:

– ¿compraste …?: did you buy…?
– él no compró…: he did not buy…
– And much more…


Watch this video to acquire Spanish and have some fun!

By watching and enjoying Spanish storytelling you are well on your way to discovering the beautiful Spanish language. Each of our Spanish stories has been crafted to help you acquire the Spanish language used in real life situations.


Learn more Spanish with short stories that have been carefully crafted using real life language to help you improve language proficiency in a natural way! You can also watch this and other episodes at our YouTube channel.

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Are you starting to learn Spanish?

If you are a beginner Spanish student and would like to improve your Spanish in a simple and natural way, we invite you to watch our stories. We will take you through a fun and joyful journey to learn Spanish

Is Spanish storytelling ok for me?

Please check our Spanish Learning Method page to see how all this works and why we use Spanish Storytelling and cultural immersion to provide you with with real life Spanish language, Spanish expressions and culture. 

How to use this video


Find a stress-free environment to watch the story


Sit back, grab a coffee, relax and concentrate on the essence of the story, NOT the language itself


Watch more stories, you will understand more and more Spanish every day…

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