Spanish Coloring Book For Kids – Let’s go to Puerto Rico! English & Spanish

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This Spanish Coloring Book for Kids will help you introduce Puerto Rico IN SPANISH in an EASY, FUN, and FAST way.


Designed to help children learn about the wonderful Puerto Rico!

This bilingual English-Spanish color and learn book is packed with friendly illustrations of the island’s key local and cultural features, including location, national flag, landscape, traditions and more. Pages include both the Spanish word and English translation for the images.

This coloring book is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8. With this book you can keep your child entertained while they learn Spanish vocabulary. It also makes a great educational gift for holidays, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and many other occasions.

A fantastic book where you will find:

  • High quality pages designed to entertain the little ones while they learn Spanish.
  • Kid-friendly illustrations and activities about Puerto Rico’s location, culture, and other key highlights.
  • Useful vocabulary and main highlights of the Spanish speaking island and their culture.
  • English to Spanish translations of names and images

With this Puerto Rico coloring book, children will learn about:

  • The location and shape of Puerto Rico
  • The flag of Puerto Rico
  • El Morro
  • Cueva Ventana
  • Flor de Maga
  • Yunque National Forest
  • Coquí
  • Cotorra
  • Musical instruments commonly used in Puerto Rico such as cuatro, congas, guiro, maracas.
  • Puerto Rican food such as beans, rice, plantain, empanadas, coconut,
  • Popular Puerto Rican sports: baseball, basketball and boxing
  • Puerto Rico’s Carnival and the Vejigante mask
  • and more….

Pick up this entertaining coloring book for your child. Interested in introducing your child and learning more about other Spanish Speaking countries? See our other coloring in Spanish books for kids.

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1 review for Spanish Coloring Book For Kids – Let’s go to Puerto Rico! English & Spanish

  1. Amazon Customer

    I loved how informative yet fun it was, my little brother loved it and he learned some new Spanish words!!

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