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Accelerate your Spanish learning. Our on-demand online Spanish course will help you acquire the language faster and in a more enjoyable, easy, and engaging way, with the added flexibility of taking the course at your own time and pace. You can now learn Spanish whenever and wherever it is convenient for you by accessing the course material at any time of day and from any location!

Spanish for Beginners Course

online spanish courses

Spanish for Beginners | Module 1

This course will help you start learning Spanish in a fun, easy and engaging way, at your own time and pace. Crafted video stories will help you acquire language structures and start developing your Spanish comprehension faster and in a natural way!

What you can expect from this course

Real life spanish

Build a strong foundation of real life vocabulary naturally through stories and acquire useful Spanish language for everyday conversations.

Native Speaker Instructor

Course is delivered by a native Spanish Speaker Instructor with years of experience teaching Spanish to students of all ages and different cultural backgrounds.

Fast track your Spanish

Boost your language acquisition and accelerate your journey towards Spanish fluency. Get exposed to hundreds of unique new words from real-life Spanish vocabulary in context!

Crafted Video Stories

Hours of carefully crafted video stories at low speed and packed with comprehensible input to boost your comprehension in Spanish.

Audio Narrations

Audio files to help you improve your listening skills while on the go. Featuring a male instructor to broaden your language exposure.

Downloadable Files

Downloadable PDF files containing lesson content for offline use. Includes handy translations of the chapter's most important vocabulary.

Why our Course

With lessons delivered by a native Spanish speaker, you can accelerate your Spanish learning in a fun, easy, and engaging way, at your own time and pace.

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Student reviews

Tim W
Tim W
Great Spanish Course for beginners!!!
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It is a great Spanish course for beginners; you start learning Spanish very quickly and without realizing how much vocabulary you are actually getting from the stories. The format of the stories is well structured and easy to follow. Instructor speaks slowly so it’s very easy to understand, I used captions for the first chapters but then realized I didn’t need them as much, I have them off now. The text and audio files complement what you get from the video lessons and are quite helpful. I plan to keep watching, I do use the audio files on my phone when taking a walk. I would definitely recommend this course!
Lisa Steinberg
Spanish Connect = AMAZING Spanish course!
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I am absolutely delighted with this course! I spent years trying to find a course that was fun and engaging at the same time, because most language courses are all the same: just grammar structures and spelling words without a context. Thank you for designing such a fun and innovative course, my progress has been tremendous in the last few weeks. It is very a very interesting and effective way for a beginner like me to use Storytelling to learn Spanish! I recommend this course 100%! The instructor is such a dedicated, fun and innovative teacher that will help you and guide you through the Spanish language learning process! Muchas gracias, Spanish Connect! Lisa

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